At some point when running a business you have to take a leap of faith, that big jump to take your product from a small idea to your livelihood.

While this can be daunting, it is an essential part of company growth. part of company growth. One person that took this leap is Richard Parry, founder of Totsi who, in 2019, took his e-commerce company from the spare bedroom of his home to the Louis Pearlman Centre. Since this move, he hasn’t looked back, with the baby and toddler clothing business growing exponentially in the three months it has been based at the centre.
Richard credits this growth to being able to get into a ‘work mode’, with the centre giving him a clearer head space and allowing for more organisation.
He said he can also let himself get away from work now, rather than work getting away with him, with the centre giving a clear barrier between work life and home life. It also frees up space in his home. rather than having his stock in every corner of his house, he can store it at the centre.

The facilities at Louis Pearlman Centre also make it easier for Richard to manage his business. With a staffed reception, stock can be delivered without the need for him to be there to receive it. This, coupled up with the Royal Mail collection point at the centre, makes it possible for him to conduct all of his business from one location.

Having had experience within the realm of e-commerce in the ten years prior to Totsi’s founding, Richard honed his craft in the baby’s accessories market by running the website Babyboo, while also managing Bralux and Party Pra which have been lauded by productions such as Cosmopolitan. Richard has a keen eye for the online retail industry and sees nowhere to go but up.

He now sells beautiful bibs, heavenly headbands, super comfy shoes and more items for your baby boy or baby girl, with more expansions on his mind.