Anti-virus software importance (guide 3)

Protecting your business

Perhaps it goes without saying that Anti-Virus protection is vital for any business, in fact, it is increasingly crucial as new viruses and malicious software are added daily. With a wide range of options available; from free software to paid subscription services, it has become quite affordable to protect your computers. Back in 2017 the NHS faced a weekend of chaos after hackers demanding a ransom permeated the health service’s computer system – it became the largest cyber-attack in NHS history.
For ransomware to work malicious software has to be downloaded onto a victim’s computer. This is then used to launch the attack and encrypt files. Ways in which the software to be installed on a victim’s device is through emails, malicious adverts on websites, and other affected apps and programs. The most important thing businesses should do is exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails or visiting websites they are unfamiliar with. Never download an app that hasn’t been verified by an official store.

Your files are the heart of your business

Because businesses rely on computers for personnel records, financial transactions, marketing, social networking and other vital tasks, imagine if on Monday morning your business was no longer able to use any of the normal functions you use to run your business. Even scarier that someone had stolen that information for illegal purposes.
Whether you have just one laptop or a network, not having protection really leaves your business open to attack, and this could also breach data protection laws and the process often results in lost orders, corrupted databases, and angry customers.

  • Properly secure your Internet connection with a business-class firewall appliance.
  • Ensure your computers and servers all have anti-virus software
  • Make sure that all your employees are educated on safe e-mail use and web surfing habits
  • Keep all operating systems updated regularly
  • If possible use malware scanners
  • Dont open suspect emails – be vigilant
  • Produce and enforce strict policies
  • All smart devices should also be protected

A small cost could save you a large fortune and your business